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Amanda Shadforth


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Project(s): SKII Beauty
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Amanda Shadforth is a renowned trend forecasting expert and blogger. Her site, Oracle Fox, attracts thousands of viewers daily, and she has also gained mass attention writing for the new SKII Beauty blog, sharing inspiration and her journeys across the world.

Amanda Shadforth

Seat 2A: Bali Chennigan’s Beach
A 45-minute scooter ride from the popular side of the island, Chennigan’s Beach is a great spot to watch surfers and explore some caves.
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Seat 2A: Bali 
Beach Bar
While Nusa Lembongan is not known for its nightlife, this little gem situated on the western side of the island is a perfect place for a piña colada or two.
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Seat 2A: Bali Spa Treatments
Batu Karung resort has a beautiful day spa. I always treat myself to the two-hour massage — it makes the office seem like it’s so far away. After the massage,
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