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Andrew Hyde


Reliable Reach: 30,000
Project(s): Scalable Startups
Movable Audience:
6012 uniques per article
Movable Index: 20%

Andrew is an author and founder of Inside Travel Guides, a travel planning site. He shares his experience with startups on the UC Berkely Scalable Startup site, drawing in over 6000 readers per post.

Andrew Hyde

Using the Problem/Ask Strategy to Pitch Your Product to Investors
When I first was getting into the startup ecosystem, there wasn’t a blog I valued more than Kathy Sierra’s “Creating Passionate Users.” With posts like helping users 
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What to Look For in a CoFounder: Level 2 Fun
I live in Boulder, Colorado, which means any given day I’m having an adventure somewhere in this fine state. Trail running, skiing, rock climbing, cycling, fly fishing,
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Managing the Highs and Lows of Startups
One day I go to work ecstatic with joy. I’ve had a great week with record sales numbers for my first startup! Life is going great. Then I receive an email with bad news.
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