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Dan Lewis


Reliable Reach: 105,000
Project(s): BAI
Movable Audience:
10000 uniques per article
Movable Index: 3.6%

Dan is the creator and editor of NOW I KNOW, an email newsletter with over 100,000 loyal followers. He also writes for BAI, an all-natural juice company, and his loyalty among readers is impressive. Nearly 5000 visitors visit each of his posts per month on the BAI blog site.

Dan Lewis

Why Does Juice Taste So Bad After You Brush Your Teeth
Hopefully, your morning routine involves a trip to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth — the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice daily.
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The Secret Behind the Most Expensive Coffee in the World
A pretty terrible cup of coffee will run you fifty cents or a dollar, depending on where you are and how hefty your tolerance for sludge is.
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The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Watermelon Juice
You decided to push it a little harder this morning, lifting heavier weights, running for twenty more minutes, or biking a few miles further than usual.
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