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Diane Gilleland


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Diane is professional blogger, author, and teacher whose blog CraftyPod.com, reaches a worldwide audience. Her online courses, ebooks, and articles on the NYIP blog help creative bloggers with internet publishing, photography, and marketing.

Diane Gilleland

3 Tricks for Styling A Product Shot
When you’re shooting products, the obvious goal is the make them look appealing enough that people want to buy. But considering that people who shop from photographs can’t actually touch the products, we can also say
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Brighten Your Product Photography With Bounced Light
Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, most small-product photos can benefit from a little bounced light. In photography terms, “bouncing” simply means
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Intriguing Photo Backgrounds from the Home Improvement Store
When you’re taking small product photos for an online storefront, the backgrounds you choose are important. They help show the products to best effect, of course,
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