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Kristen Duke


Reliable Reach: 93,000
Project(s): NYIP
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6678 uniques per article
Movable Index: 6.3%

Kristen Duke, author and lifestyle blogger, is one of the leading writers for the New York Institute of Photography. Her words and photographs draw in over 6,000 viewers per post on NYIP.com and she has over 9000 followers on Twitter.

Kristen Duke

5 Simple Tips for Better Food Photography
Photographing food isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve photographed people for over 10 years, and I think food is much more difficult to capture.
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4 Tips for Better Outdoor Photography
It seems like most kids these days participate in some sport or another. And that’s good because we want them to get out there and
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Weekend Photography: Experiment with Panning
Panning is a photography technique that is often associated with sports photography. Usually for sports, the photographer is trying to show
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