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Scott is a Silicon Valley based medical and health technology journalist and advocate. He is a contributor for Medgadget, an independent journal of the latest medical gadgets, as well as Intel’s iQ blog.

Scott Jung

The Future of Fetching: Robotic Dogs Guide the Blind
For many, a dog is more than a best friend — it’s a life line. As part of International Assistance Dog Week, we honor not only the dogs that faithfully guide
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Smokers Turn to Tech to Quit: 3 Tech Tools to Extinguish the Butts for Good
In the same way that smart fitness trackers are helping users shed pounds, technology is helping smokers extinguish their habit once
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Flight Simulation Technology Could Revolutionize the Operating Room
Not just for fighter pilots anymore, new flight simulation technology helps surgeons pilot the blind skies of the brain. It used to be that if you wanted to become
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