A few years back we observed that many successful online publishers (Forbes, Huffington Post) were quietly beginning to do something clever: turning their own authors into a distribution channel.


Individual creators now have the ability to promote their content from their social networks, blogs, and email newsletters.


Authors have the potential to move their audiences through these “author channels”, but only if they are motivated to do so.


Publishers have learned to open these “author channels” by using various incentives and reputation based triggers to recruit influencers.


So why can’t brands do the same?


If your Brand is creating content and your authors aren’t regularly promoting their content on your site, then your author channels are closed.



Two suggestions:

1) First, instead of working with unknown freelancers, engage with influencers who have pre-existing audiences to create original content for your site.  Not only will their content have more reach, but also their content will be better.


2) Second, align these influencer/creators with the success of their content with incentives, feedback, and promotion tools to facilitate distribution.


Money isn’t everything — influencers will also require non-financial motivations to be effective as content creators for your brand.


But short term performance incentives and goals for authors will at least ensure that authors are financially invested in the quality and promotion of their content.


Need  help? We have helped many brands recruit influencers and open their author channels, even for their own employees.

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