Money isn’t everything.

But fair and meaningful incentives can motivate influencers to move their audiences.


Build your audience.

Ensure your content is seen by the right audience, by leveraging the targeted distribution of influencers.


Talent matters.

The most talented content creators are often the ones who are already engaging your potential customers.


Step 1:
Understanding Your Needs
Movable Media meets with you to understand your business and the audience you are looking to attract to your content.

Step 2:
Influencer Dossier
We identify a customized dossier of influencers based on their content, reach, availability and fit.  (FAQ: What do we look for in an influencer?)

Step 3:
We engage with the influencers you have approved from your dossier.  Our acceptance rate from proposed candidates is very high.

Step 4:
Editorial Planning & Content Creation
We collaborate on an editorial calendar, focusing on topics that leverage the influencers’ expertise and authority.

Step 5:
Publication and Promotion
Influencers create original content for your site. Our platform helps them promote their content, and tracks their performance.

Step 6:
Reporting and Monitoring
Influencers are rewarded over a three month period for the unique targeted visitors they move to the content on your site.



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    <p><div class="image-container"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Windstream_Communications.png" alt="" /></div><div class="desc">Celebrating local culture. </div></p>

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    <p><div class="image-container"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/bailogo3.png" alt="" /></div><div class="desc"> Taste is temporary. Flavor is forever.</div></p>

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    <p><div class="image-container"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/mastercard.png" alt="" /></div><div class="desc">Thought leadership for small business owners. </div></p>

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Craig J. Heimbuch

Digital Strategist
Barefoot Proximity/BBDO
Movable Media understands my brand and delivers content that requires as little additional editing as possible. Can’t recommend them enough.

Luke Kintigh

Content & Social Media Strategist
Pay for performance, not just content. This model ensures a better R.O.I on your freelancer budget and will force you to work with writers who have built in audiences, which they’ll be rewarded to distribute your content on a regular basis.

Zach Heller

Director of Marketing
Distance Education Co
Movable Media has been a great addition to our marketing plan. The quality of the content from the writers they have recruited helps us reach an ever widening group of potential customers who would never have found us otherwise.

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